Here are some things you can try to fix it:

  • Do you have Adblock or a VPN installed on your phone? These tend to block the ports that Videostream uses to connect the remote app to your computer.
  • Have you tried adding Chrome to your Mac firewall exceptions? Check out this handy support link: the Advanced Settings -> Allowing Specific Applications section, add Chrome so that Videostream network connections can work.
  • Do you have a VPN or additional firewall running on your Mac or wireless router? Sometimes these can interfere with Videostream being able to send video to your Chromecast or connecting to your mobile app. If you let me know which app you're running, I can help you fix it :)
  • Do you live in an apartment building or near lots of other neighbours (and their routers)? Sometimes Wifi interference can be a big issue, try using this app ( to see if your network is running on the same channel as a lot of other local networks. If so, then changing to a less used channel may help a lot!